Erik's Musings

If you have read Whispers in the Wilderness or The Journey Beyond, you will know that as well as writing about the natural world I also write a lot about our internal world. From my perspective, I see a bigger story playing out, one that we are all part of, a story of our growth and development towards goodness, truth, and beauty. It is certainly not a linear progression, nor one that we all travel together. In fact, some seem to be racing in the opposite direction as fast as they can. Yet all of us have that whisper within, calling us to something more.

The writings below are simply recent thoughts and writings about that bigger picture. Many of them are an expression of my own Christian faith. You may find that you resonate with some of what I've written, disagree with some of it, or feel indifferent to some of it. That's just fine. We are all at different places in our lives and this is simply a reflection of my own journey. Take what is helpful and leave the rest. If you enjoy the writings on this page, you might also like my YouTube channel, "Beneath the Surface".

I am always writing and so will try to add to this page from time to time.