Consider the Mystic

Embrace the call to a carefree life
Not because there is nothing to care about
But because you release your illusions of control

Does the fir grow taller and wider, more grounded and true because of its cunning and effort?
Do the deer lie awake at night wondering which meadow will have the greenest grass?
Do you find your life more meaningful and joyful because of your unending efforts?

Friend, the way of the pragmatist leads to a life of stress and worry
Because it’s all up to you

Consider the way of the mystic
It looks foolish and naïve, I agree
Yet their way is light and their joy is full
What accounts for this difference?

The world is not on their shoulders
For they live in the presence of God

Aware of life’s challenges, but not overwhelmed
They have become partners in the Great Dance
Following, not leading
Releasing control

It’s a life of contentment
An awakening to beauty
A way filled with hope

Where despair has no home
Where God is ever present
Where all in the end will most certainly be well