Hidden Foundations

Dune Light

A deeper reality peeks out at us from just behind the curtain

The unseen inner-workings of our cosmos lie behind the veil

Deeper than physics, more “other” than quantum mechanics

Holding the very meaning and purpose of existence


Though hidden and beyond our grasp it is occasionally glimpsed

Never directly, but through the corner of the eye

Fleeting, illusive, as if it was alive and avoiding detection


From ancient days it has been the humble who’ve perceived it

Those whose focus has not been on power, prestige, or control

Those who lived according to that quiet inner voice

Those whose aim was simply to live in love


Science will never penetrate it because it holds the wrong key

Investigation, measurement, testing are so important in our world

Yet their aim is to understand and control

Love however cannot be dissected or controlled


Yet this does not make our spiritual foundation irrelevant

It makes it a mystery to be pursued, not to grasp it and explain it,

But to live in congruence its flow.