In Pursuit of the Ocean

I continue to walk in the same direction, as I have for so many years, heading towards what I hope is the Ocean. Each day my experience is of seemingly endless sand. The world as far as I can see is dry and barren. I often wonder if this Ocean I’m pursuing actually exists. Perhaps this desert is the only reality. Perhaps the Ocean is a mere figment of my desires. Am I wasting my life pushing on when I ought to accept reality and settle here?

Though I see nothing around me that gives any indication of the Ocean, something deep within me knows that it exists out over the horizon. Can I prove it? Can I point to concrete signs of its existence around me? I can’t do either. Perhaps I’m deluded, but this fire within still burns. I will not quench it or deny it. I willing choose to spend my life pursuing that which is unknown and unseen but which my whole being longs for. This goodness must surely exist out beyond my eyesight.