New YouTube Channel

January 18, 2024  |  Estes Park, CO

On February 1st I'll be launching a new YouTube channel called "Beneath the Surface". It will have short reflections that help us live more deeply and more meaningfully. The idea for the channel came from people who read my books Whispers in the Wilderness and The Journey Beyond. I was encouraged to produce videos with short reflections on the natural world and the inner life much like I did in my books.

For the first few weeks of this channel I'll start by using chapters from my book Whispers in the Wilderness and then we'll move on to other territory. My plan is to keep most of these videos to about 5 minutes each. I'm thinking that I'll simply read a passage from a book or a poem and then reflect on it.

If you want to follow these videos, you can find them here. Push the "Subscribe" button and also the "Bell" button to stay notified each time I release a new video.

I also have a second YouTube channel focused on visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. That one can be found here.

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