Best Inspirational Book of the Year

May 2, 2022  |  Orlando, Florida

Last week, the annual gathering of the Independent Book Publishers Association, which represents over 4,000 publishers, took place in Orlando. For this year's Benjamin Franklin book awards there were over 1,900 books reviewed. The book I released in May 2021, "The Journey Beyond" was selected by the judges as the 2022 best inspirational book of the year. It was also a silver medalist for the 2022 best gift book of the year.

I'm shocked to have won another award for my publishing. Since I published my first book, Wild Light, in 2014 I've won 8 awards from IBPA, as well as numerous awards from other institutions. The IBPA awards however always mean the most, as there are so many highly skilled writers and publishers who are also presenting their best work.

If you haven't read this book, you can find it here.